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Dana Veitch
Advent Oil and Gas Company

Dana Veitch, President of Advent Oil and Gas Company

Dana Veitch has worked with major companies on oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures worth more than $1 billion. The companies include ARCO, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell Oil.

The Veitch family has been in the oil and gas industry since the early 1920s when Dana’s grandfather, Ben Wofford, first went into the business. His father, Bill Veitch, spent his entire career in the oil business.

“A major reason for Advent’s success comes from having been a part of the industry all my life,” explains Dana. “I learned firsthand how the business is operated and managed in good times and bad.”
With a background with major oil companies combined with practical experience, Dana takes a conservative approach to acquiring oil and gas producing properties. The investment risk is low because Advent only acquires oil and gas properties with proven strong reserves based on thorough engineering evaluations.

Interested investors are invited to contact Dana Veitch directly at 303-829-7306 or at
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Ben Wofford
Graythorne Oil Corporation

This photograph of Ben Wofford, Dana’s grandfather, was taken in front of one of his drilling rigs in the 1920s. He was a true wildcatter in the early days of the oil business in Oklahoma -- when the price of oil was only 20 cents a barrel.
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Bill Veitch
Valiant Oil and Investment

Dana’s dad, Bill Veitch, was the president of Valiant Oil and Investment. Incorporated in Tulsa in 1959, the company is still operated by Dana’s mom. Valiant is a truly independent family owned business.

This photograph was taken when George W. Bush visited the Oklahoma State Legislature while campaigning for his dad. Bill Veitch (on the left) served as a state representative for three terms from 1987 to 1992.

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Advent Oil and Gas Company
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