Dana Veitch, President


Let me first say thank you for reviewing my website.  I have been afforded the opportunity to work with major oil companies including ARCO, Chevron, Phillips Petroleum and Shell in major acquisitions and divestitures, totaling $1b+ of date. With this background, I’ve been able to build Advent Oil and Gas Company into a successful independent oil company. Both my Grandfather and Father spent their careers in the oil business. I attribute a great portion of this success from living in the oil business throughout my life, observing how the business should be operated with its challenges. With my background with the major oil companies and practical experience, I’ve elected the more conservative approach in strategically acquiring oil and gas producing properties. The risk is low because the reserves are proven and you know what you are working with.

By using this business model, Advent’s overall rate of return has proven much better than real estate and stock market investments.  This includes when I consider acquiring oil and gas properties, I carefully evaluate all aspects of the property, the Operator, production history and future life.  Should you be interested in investing in the oil and gas business, please give me a call and I’ll discuss how we can reach your investment objectives in the unique oil and gas business.


Ben Wofford, President of

Graythorne Oil Corporation

This is a picture of my Grandfather Ben Wofford in front of one of his drilling rigs somewhere in the 1920’s in Oklahoma.  My Grandfather was a true Wild Catter in the early days of the oil business in Oklahoma, when the price of oil was $0.20 a barrel.

My father, Bill Veitch was President of Valiant Oil and Investment formed in 1959 in Tulsa Oklahoma.  My mother  has continued to operate the company to this day.  Valiant is a true independent, family owned oil company.

 Here’s a picture of my father with young George W. Bush stopping through the Oklahoma Legislature (where my father served 3 terms, 1987-1992), politicking for his father as President.


Advent Oil and Gas Company

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